Creative coding workshops

The festival week provides more than 25 hands-on workshops to expand your repertoire of art and design practices with creative coding skills. Together with The NODE Institute and vvvv, we present leading figures of the community, digital artists, designers and coders.

Its an open forum for knowledge transfer across disciplines. We address students, researchers, creators and makers from a wide range of domains. Your background may be theatre, visual arts and music, interaction design, game design, live communications, animation, architecture or scenography – and of course software development.

How? Within our Festival Hub you can reserve seats for participating in the interactive webinars – or you just watch their broadcasts and interact via the chat.
Support us with only 50€ to get access to the Festival Hub and all workshops listed below.

Beginner Level

Intermediate & Advanced Level


Be part of a vibrant community of software creatives

NODE’s community originates from the creative coders around the visual programming toolkit vvvv.

We are connected by heart with the makers, contributors and thinkers around a software which enables us to do so many things. If you are new to vvvv, don’t worry: We will introduce you to this application and show you the essentials for easily prototyping interactive media installations and other ideas.

If you are already familiar with vvvv or have experience in similar creative coding software (like Processing, openFrameworks, Touchdesigner, Cinder, etc.) our workshops will serve you as well.

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